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Draft Documents for the Wonderland Hill Neighborhood Survey

The draft documents on this page are provided to showcase the Wonderland Hill Neighborhood Survey.


Click on the images below to view the draft documents in PDF format. 

Q3.1 Existing vertical wood siding.jpg
Question 3.1
Q3.2 Hardie vertical siding.jpg
Question 3.2
Q3.4 Hardie Horiz Siding Shiplap.jpg
Question 3.4
Q3.5b Horizontal lap siding.jpg
Question 3.6a
Q3.5c Stone siding detail.jpg
Q3.7 Garage with side windows.jpg
Question 3.7
Question 3.6b
Q3.10 Secondary wall color.tif
Question 3.10
Q3.11 Light metal roof color.jpg
Question 3.11
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