Work Samples for the Oklahoma City Development Code Update

The work samples on this page are provided to showcase Winter & Company projects related to the Oklahoma City Development Code Update project.



Click on the images below to view Winter & Company's previous project documents in PDF format. These documents are saved at a resolution appropriate for our website. High quality resolution documents are available upon request. For a complete inventory of Winter & Company's projects, see our Project Inventory page.

Missoula Design Excellence Project - Commercial Corridor Overlay Standards
Missoula, MT
Missoula Design Excellence Project - Downtown Overlay Standards
Missoula, MT
Missoula Design Excellence Project - Design Excellence Manual - Design Guidelines
Missoula, MT
Blue Hill District Design Guidelines
Chapel Hill, NC 
re:code LA Zoning Code Update - 
Banner 1 
Los Angeles, CA
re:code LA Zoning Code Update -
Banner 2 
Los Angeles, CA

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