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Draft Documents for the Norhill Design Guidelines

The draft documents on this page are provided to showcase the Norhill Design Guidelines.


Click on the images below to view the draft documents in PDF format. 

_Norhill_DGs_PublicReviewDr_low-1 copy.jpg
Norhill Historic District Design Guidelines
_Norhill_DGs_PublicReviewDrModule2_low-1 copy.jpg
Module 2 Doc
New Elevated Foundations-1 copy.jpg
New Elevated Foundations
OSW Doors _Windows-1 copy.jpg
OSW Doors _Windows
OSW Historic Elevated Foundations-1 copy
OSW Historic Elevated Foundations
OSW_DGS_060421 63 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 63
OSW_DGS_060421 64 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 64
OSW_DGS_060421 65 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 65
OSW_DGS_060421 66.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 66
OSW_DGS_060421 67 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 67
OSW_DGS_060421 68_2.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 68_2
OSW_DGS_060421 68_3.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 68_3
OSW_DGS_060421 68 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 68
OSW_DGS_060421 68.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 68
OSW_DGS_060421 69 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 69
OSW_DGS_060421 74 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 74
OSW_DGS_060421 75 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421 75
OSW_DGS_060421_InapproAdd 65.jpg
OSW_DGS_060421_InapproAdd 65
OSW_DGS_061521_low-1 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_061521_SectionIV_low-1 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_061521_SectionV_low-1 copy.jpg
OSW_DGS_061521_SectionVI_low-1 copy.jpg
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